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R.G. Mallett Oilfield Enterprises is committed to a Safety Program that strives to protect our staff, equipment and environment from accidents. We comply with the Provincial Acts and Regulations and those of its clients.

A Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) has been awarded to R.G. Mallett. This is an award that is presented to petroleum industry companies who have a Health & Safety program that meets the approved standards.

Our subcontractors, as well as management, are responsible and accountable for the implementation of the company’s safety program and guidelines. We actively promote participation in all safety programs and will supply qualified trained competent personnel along with proper equipment and procedures. Subcontractors are responsible for the following all proper work procedures, and where ever possible to strive to improve existing safety measures.

R.G. Mallett Oilfield Enterprises is proud to be a member of Isnetworld, Complyworks and Enform.